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Rockettes are an American precision dance company. Founded in 1925 in St. Louis, they have performed at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, since 1932. Until 2015 they also had a touring company. They are best known for starring in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, an annual Christmas show, and for performing annually at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. The Rockettes also conduct the Rockette Summer Intensive for dancers aspiring to be Rockettes.

Johnny B. from Melrose, MA shared in YELP that he was disappointed Rockettes’ staff service and crowd control: “Show was great but very disappointed in the way crowd control was conducted. Wanted 2 hrs to get in and missed 35 minutes of the show. Plan ahead for anyone that's attending this event or any at the Music Hall. Wrote an email about what happened and never got a Response because what I am hearing this is a ongoing problem. Very upset.”

According to a review on the website the Rockettes Christmas show was not worth the money. A woman from Redondo Beach, California shared: “While visiting NYC I decided to get tix for the Rockettes Christmas show, I mean how much more New York can you get. I was totally disappointed!! I got a discounted tix on Travelzoo (still paid $60) The show was only 1 hour long. The girls were great and their dancing was beautiful but the rest of the show lacked excitement. The ending routine was not even the girls dancing. I actually dozed off. The children around me seemed to enjoy it but I was completely bored”.


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Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Bad environment ad to report them to the labor board . Workers are unsanitary. Managers show favoritism. This place needs to be cleaned up and investigated ."

Porter/Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Not a good workingplace. They treat you like nothing and they dont pay you on time. Dont waste your time working here unless you got good networking skills from people you know that already work in Madison sqaure garden company."

Custodian/Janitor (Former Employee) says

"the worst job ever the management is rude and never there for the employees when having a problem hours are good but don't get paid overtime they mess up the hours so check is al"

Building Services (Former Employee) says

"Only time you get more than 2 days a week is during the christmas show and most of the work involves lots of walking (averaged 6 miles of walking per shift) and backpack vacuuming and trash removalDecent pay 19.53 per hourLow hours...only 2 days per week for building services"

Customer Support/Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Maintaining neat attire immediately reporting to work stations and beginning the shift. Smiling and upholding the best service to guest possible.Interaction with friendly people /touristWorked most holidays"

Lead Custodian & Porter (Former Employee) says

"No Communication I felt unvalued on everything I did especially in my position. Not a good place to work at. It’s not Worth going to jail or risking everything you work for."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Absolute TERRIBLE Experience working here. Stand Leads & Cashiers are working in freezing temperatures for hours on end, some not even receiving their breaks while also having to wear tarnished (dirty & VERY THIN) uniforms unsuitable for the temperatures they are forced to work through with the doors wide open & absolutely no heat. I've never felt so completely uncomfortable in my entire working life, even on a human level. Managers & Supervisors will basically make a mockery of you & the fact that you are freezing while working (especially on the Foyer/Street Level.) Very unprofessional & noncaring with their sales employees & will verbally disrespect you. No HEAT AT ALL. Not even worth trying as a new opportunity. You will feel violated, devastated, & may even leave sick with a pneumonia like ME."

Lead (Former Employee) says

"The employees are the best! Working together closely during the holidays you become family. You care for one another and love one another like their your own.CoworkersNo union. No healthcare. No 401k."

Production crew (Former Employee) says

"Unless you are related to or well-connected with supervisors/managers chances of fair consideration to work shows or for advancement are non-existent.Possibility for lots of overtimeNepotism, cronyism, favoritism. Poor overall management."

GUESS RELATIONS/ USHER (Former Employee) says

"The people were so nice and glad to be going to see a show at such a famous palce it shows on there facesI have learned that radio city really is an ion of new yorkMy co workers were great and really fun t o work withThe enjoyable part - was the children faces singing the christmas songs"

Merch/Usher/ F&B Host (Former Employee) says

"coworkers where so much fun too be around many of the supervisors had attitudes all the time and treated seasonal staff as if we weren't important to the company. when your schedule was posted you never knew what time you where leaving. one day u could be there for 8 hrs the nxt day snacks, sneak peek of showShort breaks, too many supervisors not being on the same page"

Tour Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management does not support tour guides or tour department . Guides aren’t valued. Management is feckless. Pay is low. No place to grow in department."

Security Guard (Former Employee) says

"Can be a fun place to work. It all depends on your attitude. This is a place that will test to see if you are really a people person or not. The customers will test your patience."

Usher (Former Employee) says

"Pay is too low! Supervisors are very immature. They only positive aspect of the job is meeting people from other countries. That was very rewarding. But pay too low!"

Facilities maintenance attendant (Current Employee) says

"I enjoyed my time working here, very thankful for the opportunity to be apart of the team.great experiences enteracting with patrons, and clientsseaasonal"

Security Lead (Former Employee) says

"Typical day at work requires, Change clothes, clock in get briefing from Director of Security. All are station at doors for guest to enter so everyone is scanned to enter. after they are in we take breaks and I/we post officers.great moneysometimes we had to go outside for the guest entering building"

Food Service Worker (Current Employee) says

"I wouldn't count on this job for full-time because it heavily depends on how frequent the venue has their shows. If you need the money, wait until Christmas. If you need a little money here and there, this might be it. They are flexible with your schedule, the people i work with are generally friendly. It's not a perfect job, but no job is. There is room for seasonal promotion. The turnover rate is very low for regular workers as well.flexible with your schedulenot reliable as a regular job"

Building night cleaner (Current Employee) says

"So much tension the leads are very unprofessional to much profanity the knew people were treated unfair we are given extra assignments when there’s more than enough people to cover the area’s needed"

Usher/Ticket Taker (Former Employee) says

"Working for Radio City Music hall, was a great experience you meet,and greet, so many different people and they have a great staff, that will stick with you most of the work giving is seasonal, and I believe this job is great if you have a second job or just part time work.You get discounts on lunch and also show ticketsNo benefits"

Usher (Former Employee) says

"Very difficult atmosphere to work in. But I learned how i could grow my professionalism in the most unbearable work environment. I hardest part of the job was helping the patrons to the right entrance or ticket purchase window."

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